How Jefferies’ compliance failed in mortgage fraud case

Mortgage loan fraud can be divided into two broad categories: fraud for property and fraud for profit. Fraud for property generally involves material misrepresentation or omission of information with the intent to deceive or mislead a lender into extending credit that would likely not.

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 · Citing errors made by the trial judge, a federal appeals court on Tuesday tossed the conviction of Jesse Litvak, a former bond trader at investment bank Jefferies.

Mortgage Fraud: Compliance to be a Challenge. employee who allowed their credit to be used as in a mortgage fraud case, to title agents who breached their fiduciary duty to oversee that process.

Bond trader Jesse Litvak’s ordeal ends as fraud case dropped The five-year legal odyssey of former Jefferies Group managing director Jesse Litvak, the first person charged in a federal crackdown on questionable bond-trading tactics, came to an end as prosecutors said they don’t intend to.

Compliance and Mortgage Fraud. It provides fascinating insight into how deep the problems can run, and how open fraud becomes, particularly in a regime of weak regulatory oversight during a market bubble. Dayen recites a parade of horribles that compliance officials apparently failed to catch or notice (or perhaps even were involved in).

Federal prosecutors charged a former senior trader at the Jefferies Group on Monday with defrauding his clients – and the government – while selling them mortgage-backed securities after the financial crisis.. Jesse C. Litvak, the former Jefferies trader, is accused of generating more than $2 million in revenue for Jefferies by overcharging his customers through deceitful conduct.

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A former Nomura Holdings Inc. trader was found guilty of conspiring to lie to clients about mortgage-bond prices, while another was cleared of all charges in a verdict that highlights the challenge of.

The only person convicted of fraud related to a $20 billion government bail-out program, Jesse Litvak may spend almost a decade in prison for lying to his customers about mortgage-backed securities.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged global investment bank and brokerage firm Jefferies & Co. on Wednesday with failing to supervise its employees on its mortgage-backed securities desk who were lying to customers about pricing.

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