ABS East panel says Shiller wrong on housing bubble call

A panel of esteemed housing experts speaking at the ABS East 2013 conference underway in Miami disagreed on Robert Shiller’s recent call that U.S. housing is in a bubble. Moderator Howard Esaki.

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Trulia’s Bubble Watch report, out today, relies on a lot of crazy-sounding concepts like "fundamental value" and "undervalued," but then housing prices and bubbles and money are all just inventions based on shared delusions anyway and what are we talking about again?

Housing market improvement: An improvement in housing, typically a consumer’s largest asset, is a boost to net worth, and as a result, consumer confidence. However, a significant move higher in mortgage rates, which are now above 4.5%, could jeopardize the recovery.

SQM Research founder louis christopher blamed high immigration for locking out many young people from the housing market, after releasing his analysis of 2016 Census data. ‘I strongly believe that a.

– The article starts off by saying: "More than a decade after the national housing crisis, four Illinois communities still have some of the worst foreclosure rates in the nation. Attom Data Solutions’ quarterly foreclosure report shows that Rockford, Peoria, Cook County and the Quad Cities are all in the top 20 metropolitan areas in terms of.

Senate Banking Committee Democrats fight for vote on Cordray nomination The Senate Banking. Cordray’s nomination unless President Obama and Democrats agree to overhaul the agency. “We are simply seeking common-sense changes,” Mr. Shelby, the committee’s ranking.

Confrence avec Robert Shiller Bob Graham, who was co-chairman of that bipartisan panel, and others say the documents point suspicion at the Saudis. in Los Angeles who allegedly helped two of the hijackers find housing and.

BofA completes more short sales than REO for last 18 months In 2008, more than 1.7 million homes were “lost” through foreclosures, short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure, according to Moody’s Economy.com. Last year, more than two million homes were lost, and Economy.com expects that this year’s number will swell to 2.4 million.

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Homeownership still considered best long-term investment: Pew Wells Fargo Q1 Profits Packed with Accounting Gain Teri Buhl is a freelance investigative journalist. She wrote with HW in late 2008 and into early 2009.. wells Fargo Q1 Profits Packed with Accounting gain. april 13, 2009. Teri Buhl. Last week."It turned into a horrible nightmare," one homeowner said.. “It's good for the economy to buy houses, but that doesn't mean it's actually good for. You have to consider not only the mortgage payment, but the added costs of. capital gains on those investments, but it can still turn out to be more lucrative.

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