A day in the life of HUD Secretary Julián Castro

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OAKLAND – In a pre-planned visit to Oakland, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro said. in many places in the United States.” Castro was is in town for a two-day.

GOFFSTOWN – For newly minted presidential hopeful Julian Castro. Housing and Urban Development Secretary gave the opening argument for his candidacy to a packed room on the St. Anselm College.

SAN ANTONIO – Musician Juan Tejeda sees something very familiar in Democratic presidential candidate julin castro. “He is very.

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The former HUD secretary’s comments came the day after he appeared on stage in the first round of the Democratic presidential primary debates. As IJR Red previously reported, Castro’s immigration plan.

However, in 2014, Castro accepted President Barack Obama’s offer of the position of United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Castro resigned as mayor effective July 22, 2014, so that he could take up his duties in Washington.

When Housing and Urban Development Secretary and rising Democratic star. HUD Secretary Julin Castro Doesn't See President in the Mirror. By. of the work that we do in trying to create more opportunity in people's lives.". Paris faces hottest day ever, prompting concerns for notre dame cathedral.

In this segment of an exclusive, Julin Castro talks trailer parks.. What HUD Secretary Julin Castro Thinks About mobile homes. opinion.. The Daily Dose MAY 10 2015. Over the past week, OZY has explored the hidden world of the some 1 in.. Doctors Flee Venezuela – But Save Lives in Remote Chile · Fast Forward.

Julin Castro, who has served as mayor of San Antonio for five years, explained. job of Housing and Urban Development secretary in a White House event.. Although Castro learned Spanish later in life, Obama told the mayor “ha. ” Maybe one day, the kid grows up in that home is able to go on to get a.

In this clip from Overheard with Evan Smith, Julin Castro talks about what he learned during his time as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Mayor of San Antonio. —– Follow us on.

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